Rental agreement

By making a rental reservation with Bloom & Borrow Decor Rental Inc., the customer acknowledges that they have reviewed, comprehended, and accepted the terms outlined below.

Rental period

The customer acknowledges that upon selecting a product on our platform, they are renting the item for their intended use rather than making a purchase. Customers agree to a rental duration of up to five days for local events within Edmonton, AB or Leduc, Sherwood Park or St. Albert. We understand that some customers may prefer direct delivery to the event venue on the event day and subsequent pickup the following day. Such arrangements are accommodated.

Damage or wear and tear

For orders above $300, a $300 damage deposit will be automatically applied at checkout, while the deposit is waived for small orders under $300.

Customers hereby agree to indemnify Bloom & Borrow Decor Rental Inc. against any damage to or loss of the rented property. Rental costs include natural wear of the product long as the damage is within reasonable damages such as broken faux florals, damaged petals, stains, or natural wear – see Q&A section on our home page for details. This coverage excludes irreparably damaged items or unreturned items. Customers will be liable for the full value of irreparably damaged or unreturned items, at three times the rental cost.

Return of property

Customers commit to returning the rented property and all original packaging materials to Bloom & Borrow Decor Rental Inc. A fee of $10.00 per box will apply if the original box and packing materials are not returned.

For returns, customers must make the faux florals available for pickup on the first or second day following the event. Date and time will be prearranged.

Customers acknowledge a late fee of $100 per day if rented items are not ready for pickup. This late penalty applies for up to one day after the agreed return date. If the product is not returned by the third day, it is assumed lost, and the customer agrees to cover the replacement cost. The replacement cost is calculated as three times the rental price (excluding the $300 in late fees already incurred). An invoice will be issued to collect late or non-return fees.

Bloom & Borrow Decor Rental Inc. is not accountable for any personal belongings inadvertently returned with rental property.

Cancellation/Change order

Cancellation policy We kindly request a 90-day notice for any cancellations. If you decide to cancel your booking with at least 90 days' notice prior to your event, your order is fully refundable.

Orders canceled within less than 90 days before the event are non-refundable. We allocate resources and prepare your order well in advance to ensure it meets your expectations, and last-minute cancellations can be challenging to accommodate.

Rescheduling policy We understand that unforeseen circumstances may necessitate a change of date. While we'll make every effort to accommodate date changes, this is subject to the availability of our products on the new date. We recommend reaching out to us as soon as possible if you need to reschedule your event.

If you plan to change your order or any product selections, we kindly ask that you submit change requests at least 90 days before the event. This allows us ample time to adjust your order and ensure everything is perfect for your celebration.


Please be aware that the appearance of our faux flower products may exhibit minor variations in color, size and design compared to online images. Each arrangement is handmade, contributing to these differences. Customers have the opportunity to view the product during a consultation session, acknowledging and accepting these possible variations. These distinctions are inherent to the handmade nature of our floral arrangements, and we cannot be held liable for them.